Water Meter Install

Ok, I just closed on another small bungalow here in Ohio and I knew that the thieves had already stolen the copper plumbing. ( no big deal) But I did not notice that the water meter was missing. That also did not concern me as I knew the water department would supply another for a small fee. Problem is, I called the water department today and they said the first available day for install was June 10th. OMG, that’s 2 1/2 months away.

The house is in Cleveland. Does anyone know if I can hire a private plumber to get the meter and install it. Anyone know a good plumber. I can’t wait til June. Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated. I want it to be done and rented by June.

Sometimes contractors can get public utility meters and install them. Perhaps the water department takes a longer time to schedule an install than a contractor would. Check with your local plumbers and see if they can just buy a meter from the water district and install it sooner.