Watch This Kind

Sharing a hint for the beginners.

I frequently drive past an almost new house that the currrent owners put the UGLIEST front entry on that has ever been tacked onto the front of the house. Just to make it even uglier, they added a few feet of cedar shingle to the top of the house, with no sense of proportion at all.

They put that house on the market almost a year ago. The price keeps going down and down, because nobody in their right mind wants such an ugly house.

The price is approaching the point where it might be possible to make a low offer and get the place for a really decent purchase price.

Of course, it would be impossible to sell or even to rent out, because it is so ugly. However, about 4 hours of work would knock that ugly front entry off the house. It would take another day to get all the shingles off without damaging the siding, and the paint would have to be touched up.

The care of the house has been immaculate. There’s nothing needed to get it showroom ready except to get rid of that ugly entry.

People who buy retail buy with their emotions. Every now and again, you will get a chance at a house that has something about it that just doesn’t appeal to the emotions. Oftentimes that is something that is easy to fix.

It might be a color that is just not right, poor landscaping, or bad lighting.

All buyers will pass it over, and after it sits for awhile the price comes down.

If you can learn to figure out why a house isn’t selling (and sometimes it is really subtle), and if it is something that can be fixed, you can get a really good deal on the house.