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Hello. My name is Jeremy. My wife Andi and I have had been investing in real estate for several years but haven’t bought anything but our family home in several years. We are intending to do fast cash deals as well as buy and hold. Right now, we need you to contact us if you are a cash buyer interested in a turn key opportunity or an investor interested in making 7-10% on your money. Can your bank give you that? I was born and raised in Port Angeles, WA where my wife and I are now living. We’re interested in investing worldwide. Contact me if you are looking to buy cash, sell on terms, or want to make a great return on your cash! Heck, call and just chat about any real estate topic; I am always interested in learning more and sharing with others. Have a great evening.

Hello, I am from Yakima.
Not many Washington people talking is there?

Wow only 2 threads here :cool My name is Richard I am basically a newbie (again) in this wonderful world of Real Estate Investments. The reason why I said again is because I have done this before, in the mid to late 90’s. It was a bit easier then, back then we actually had No-Doc Loans which was basically the mainstay for Real Estate Investors, works great with Creative Financing. Higher interest rates then the other convential Mortgages but not as high as Hard Money Loans. I actually made close to a million dollars in less then 3 months in Net Assets then I crashed and burned sound of a jet fighter falling from the sky then exploding I lost everything. Of course I was bummed out, depressed to say the least for all these years, I have a wonderful wife who stucked with me all these years and now a 13 year old son. We live in an Apartment in Washington (We did this in Maryland, Baltimore of all places), we recieve Section 8 to help with our rent and FoodyStamps to help with the groceries, why you ask? Because I am working now at a 7-Eleven making 10 cents above minimum wage :banghead and I work for a Franchisee, so there is no room for advancement, been there for almost 5 years now. I got 2 Wage Garnishments which is now making my Paycheck smaller, I live Paycheck to Paycheck and lucky if I can get my son new clothes now. How’s the old saying go “I am sick and tired of being sick and tired”, I walk to work because I have fines up the ying/yang and my drivers license got suspended (one of the Wage Garnishments) and old Student Loans (the second Wage Garnishment) no transportation to get anywhere unless I am lucky to have a couple of bucks to take the bus. I work the graveyard shift so I mostly sleep in the daytime (ahh the life of a vampire lol) and no bus service so of course I have to walk and it takes me about an hour to get to work and almost an hour to get home.

After all this I think it’s time for me to get out of the slump and take some action, which is why I am starting this business, of course I have tried other business models as well in fact I still am selling Self Defense Products and Surveillance Cameras (if anyone is interested in Surveillance Cameras give me a heads up lol, I will give you my email address). I was hoping that would generate enough capital to at least pay off my fines and help more with my life, did it work? Nope it didn’t, for two reasons, one we live in a Low Income area, where everyone is your friend as long as you have either money or sell drugs if you don’t have either guess what, no friends lol (no problems in my book, don’t need those kind of friends :rolleyes ) and the second reason, no brainer, no transportation to get to places or even to carry anything, nothing says loser if you don’t have at least a car or even a truck (that would look better, you can carry supplies if you’re installing). Right now I am stuck indoors for a bit (unless I am working) because of Allergies, gawd I hates Allergies, finally got some meds for it so hopefully I will be getting to feel better but back to my point. I am here as well as everywhere else looking to relearn how to get off my butt and get back into Real Estate Investments, something lead me back to this, its like I got hit in the head or something. So I have made a decision and of course my wife is supporting it (in any other business endeavor, my wife is negative about it, not REInvestments she even figured out the name for us, 3G’s Property Investments, nothing says support then that) I am giving myself 3-4 months to learn everything I can as well as putting everything to action, hopefully I can make enough money before the 4th month because I put my notice in at 7-Eleven and I need to get at least the fines taken care of so I can get my DL back so I can get a Pickup Truck, I decided on that for the reason, I have decided to do fix and flips, and one can not do that with a passenger car. Need to haul tools and stuff, that and nothing says that you’re a serious fix and flipper if you’re driving a Pickup lol, even if one don’t do any work on the property but hire a Contractor to do all the work. :doh Ok, I think that is enough of an Intro of myself lol, sorry didn’t mean to make this a long story about myself lmao have a great day everyone

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Hello, everyone. My name is John and I am new to Real Estate investing. I am getting close to my military retirement and am looking to become a full time Real Estate Investor. I would appreciate any advice or mentorship to assist me in my transition to post military career.

I am looking for cash buyers in Pierce County. I need your criteria and housing preferences so that I can supply you with houses at HIGHLY ATTRACTIVE PRICES! Let’s build partnerships!

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Hello guys! My name is Rolan and new in this field. By the way, do you guys have any CPA/Tax Advisor and RE Attorney that you can refer me to?


Hey, I’m Damon and just joined this forum. I’m new to wholesaling and wanted to network with like minded people. I have spent some money on marketing and a website. I’m ready to rock in 2017! I’m in Renton, WA, the market here is going crazy! Most people know what there house is worth and don’t want to sell it cheap.

The key is for me is to buy them from a motivated seller which isn’t easy to find but I keep going :smile.

Damon Dumas

Hello Friends,

If you need to offer your home fast, its correct evaluating is the most imperative factor which conveys clients to your doorsteps. Whatever be the state of market, the estimating of the house is one single factor you need to know when looking to sell my house in Washington DC. If you know the practical estimation of your home, you can even offer some markdown in downmarket when you need a fast house deal. :cool

We want to help you take control of your situation, end the hassles, and get back to living the life you want to live. And you deserve to know all of the options available to you right now.


Good morning, there are very few posts here in Washington state for networking, although we do invest nationwide and internationally, I figured, I would get WA state’s heart beating again since the last post appeared almost a year ago.

Anyway, my name is Marie, I am a cash buyer/investor, who would prefer of course pre-foreclosures, foreclosures, bulk SFR’s, apartment complexes, hotels/motels, even casinos, and raw land for developing residential purposes.

I also have some interesting tidbits available for sale, however, they are in NY, NV, and CA at the moment, so please feel free to reach out to me, if you are interested in multi-units, apartment complexes, hotels/motels, or casinos.


Marie Taylor

Hello Marie,

I have found a Rehab project property which has an existing Tri _Plex which needs gutted to the studs and

rehabed. My ballpark is 125 k, I was a contractor for 22 yrs and that figure is off the cuff.

the property also includes a buildable lot which the realtor believes could sell for 325 to 425 K depending on

our prep, whether we get permits and plans for it.

The tri-plex has not had anyone living in any units since before 2015 when the seller paid 425 for it

there is 900 square feet of unfinished space which I believe we could make into a fourth unit.

The realtor says if we make a four plex out of it and do it nicely it could market for 1 to 1.5 million

plus the lot.

The property has been on the market for 45 days and the seller has not had any offers he told the

realtor he is very motivated and to bring him any offer. Listed at $729,888

Massive opportunity here?

I was a contractor for 22 years and though I am not willing to swing a hammer I am very familiar with

what needs to be done.

I took a few pictures and videos.

A four story senior care center is going in kitty corner from our property and the realtor says there is

a chance at a zoning upgrade.

I am a novice but it looks like this could be a home run. I am looking for a seasoned investor who

will give me a piece of the pie to work with him on the project. Best Case or just buy it wholesale and

pay me a finders fee of 5% the sale price.

Please respond here if you are interested. Thanks you.

Hey everyone,

I’m a cash buyer looking for single family’s mostly. We are in most states but most of our stuff purchases are in WA. If you have anything send it our way.

Terra {Landlord/Newbie Wholesaler}

Hi all. For a little background, I own one duplex, but new to really making a business of REI. Right now, I am seeking investor/end buyers for wholesale deals in Snohomish County, Washington. I welcome friendly advice and working with others. Please visit my site or pm me

Thank you!

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