Washington Rally Tuesday

I’ll be there!


Anybody going to bother to go??? It’s gonna be interesting. We are going to have “Government waiting rooms” if we can get into the Senate. People are going to fake death if we don’t get attention quick enough. Should send a message and be fun. It’s been a while since I have been harassed by the capital police.


BE THERE GUYS!! This could be the last chance to stop this thing. PM me if you are going I will give you my cell. If you need cheap airline tickets, let me know. (i’m an airline pilot)

John, I would LOVE to be there, but you gotta understand… not all of us live close to Washington. I live like… a thousand miles away.

your from indy right? I had a “hoosier” breakfeast about a month ago there, was weak. Biscuits and gravy and coffee.