was wondering

  1. I have a lady that wants to get out of her home quick for her own reasons. She has equity to play with…am I able to wholesale a property like this if she is not in foreclosure? Should I bird dog her? She wants some money out of the deal and wants out quick.

  2. When wholesaling, is my FEE paid by the buyer’s pocket or the homeowners equity?

Your wholesale / assignment fee is paid to you buy your end buyer - the person who will purchase the house. They pay you directly cash / check for finding and setting up the deal.

You could have a deal but that depends upon how much room there is in the property and what the seller is willing to accept. We really need some more details though.

Hope that helps a little bit.


Like Brandon said, you will be paid by the buyer you find for the deal. This deal will also depend on how much the Seller wants out of it. If they want too much and it doesn’t leave room for the buyer, then the seller isn’t motivated and you don’t have a deal…Walk Away!

However, if the seller is willing to accept a reasonable amount and leave enough for the buyer to benefit as well, then you do have a deal so…GO FOR IT!

What do you mean birddog for her? If it’s a good deal, Get it under contract, MARKET THE HECK OUT OF IT, AND CLOSE IT.

Birddogging is for beginners, which is a great place to start, but you will never get ahead if you remain a Birddog forever. Take ACTION My friend.

Thank you for a quick response. This would be my first deal and I want to get it right. Please stay tuned for any other questions!! HEHE