Warranty Deed

So our lawyer told me that he does not consider a warranty deed anything to feel comfortable with. He of course stresses the utmost best underwritten title insurance money can buy.

right from rieclub:
Warranty Deed - deed that contains a covenant that the grantor will protect the grantee against any and all claims; usually contains covenants ensuring good title, freedom from encumbrances, and quiet enjoyment.

I mean that sounds pretty solid. Of course you still need title insurance, but a warranty deed appears to cover just about anything.

Anyone familiar with warranty deeds in Texas?


warranty deeds are the same if you live in Texas or ten buck two…

As a title abstractor/closer the best deed we provide title companies with is the warranty deed. If it’s quick claimed, then we report the chain tranfer all the way back to the orginal warranty deed. All title insurances will cover the chain of transfer, but we always rely on the warranty deed of ownerships.

Call around to your local title companies and ask them what deed they look for? If you are refiance and have your prevouis title work then most title companies with write up a new policy with new dates since it hasn’t changed ownership.

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Is that anywhere near “Timbuku”???


Aren’t there different kinds of warranty deeds (special v. general)?


all a quitclaim does is relinquish rights (quits the claim). it doesn’t transfer anything.

a general or warranty deed actually transfers property.

I have always used and seen the two terms (general and warranty) used interchangeably, but I don’t know if the are, in fact, the same.

i have in front of me a GENERAL WARRANTY DEED.

anywayz, anyone ever obtain a survey on vacant land in a purchase transaction? like when you’re buying vacant land with the intention of reselling it as vacant land - you’re not building on it - would you recommend having a survey done on the vacant land?

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LLCis actually in contract to buy in Texas - south of Austin - vacant land. any recommendations?