WARNING CreditCardbuilders.com

WARNING CreditCardbuilders.com

Just wanted to warn everyone about the company advertised at Mrlandlord.com. Called Creditcardbuilders.com. They promise us up to $100,000 in business lines of credit before we even paid the price. Me and a friend of mine gave them $2500. This company just wants your money, once they have your money they will never try to contact you again.

We signed up 01/2011 as of today have received zero lines of business credit.

I am a successful real estate investor in Chicago that was just looking for additional lines of credit for my business.

I am not a competitor or a troll just wanted to help someone else thinking about signing up for this.

You should have went to your local bank and applied for a line of credit. We see this all the time people with bad credit or do not have verified income will pay upfront fees.

In Chicago, be sure to file a complaint with Lisa Madigan’s office (State Attorney General). They are always wanting to go after situations such as these.

I get these people hounding me all the time here in Chicago for the same pitch, etc. I never do it, never have done it and never will do it.

In fact, would love to open this question up to everyone. Has anyone paid this large up front fee to get a Biz Line of Credit and it actually worked?

The problem with that is most banks pulled line of credit products around 2 years ago, even from businesses in good standings like my own.

Just the same, I am not likely to every go shopping for one and I don’t recommend this route to anyone.

Oh wow, I am a current client of theirs and they certainly haven’t scammed me. I actually had read some other negative posts and was hesitant to sign up, but I’ve been working with Bob Leonetti and trusted his guidance so I eventually did sign up (with a CC so Icould charge back just in case!). So far I’ve gotten about $89,700 - I have a call with my acct manager today, one of their Senior Consultants I think, so I am going to bring this up to them. Maybe theres something they can do to work with you??

Mr. Walker,

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We will be happy to answer your questions!

Liana Alexander
Office Manager
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Your edits make me laugh…

I wish all posters would make me laugh…


ummm, you could have tried using the PERSONAL messaging system. (PM) :anon

That’s all good and well…answer/ask away…but FIRST read the Forum Rules and then follow them…we will continue to edit out violations. We could have deleted the entire thing and you not have any say at all…instead we left the part without violations and allowed Mr. Walker to see that you are attempting contact.

Yeah we’re presumptuous here - and we presume that you haven’t even GLANCED at the Forum Rules.


Great moderating Keith. I think it’s fairly clear that Credit Card Builders has attempted every possible method to reach out to Mr. Walker LONG BEFORE resorting to publicly post on this shabby web board. It was Mr. Walker’s choice to take the situation public – does this board only offer the right to complain? And Not for both parties to post the fact’s in an attempt for a resolution? If Mr. Walker wanted to he could of picked up one of our numerous phone calls or emails we have sent him. We understand that Mr. Walker is frustrated with his credit situation (caused by himself and no fault of our own.) But it is noteworthy to mention that we have helped him boost his profile and become more lendable. Mr. Walker fully knew what we could and could not help him with while he was still within his 60 Day Money Back Guarantee- and if he choose to follow instructions he would have even more credit at this point. This public posting was simply an amicable attempt to resolve any outstanding issues or concerns Mr. Walker has with Credit Card Builders. We are willing to continue to provide service. All Mr. Walker has to do, is contact us directly.

If it’s shabby, get the hell off here. No one held a gun to your head to log on. If you hadn’t posted contact information in your post, there should not have been a problem.