Wanting to Buy but cant find any in NH

I need a house in NH preferably in merrimack or rockingham county with some land and privacy and best would be about 2.5 acres or more. I have a buyer who is approved for 320K and I cant find her one at this price or lower. Anyone who has a lead I will send her to you and then if you close with her hopefully you will look after me too but if not then so be it as she is a friend in search and I am trying to save her some money for her and 2 kids and dogs. She is a single mom who needs a nice home. Thanks for any help guys.

I have the perfect house right in a family friendly neighborhood. It’s a 3 bed , 2 1/2 bath and it has around or just over 2 acs. of land. We have a new high school being built, and it is right in Rockingham county. I am new at this chat thing :), so just let me know if you want any more info. on the house and how I can get it to you.