wanted to get some ideas


wanted to get some ideas on Investing in Real Estate

with No money and no credit?

what options do I have?

thank you

Wow where to start where to start!!! Hmmmm

Get money partners!

credit partners!

bird dog/Wholesell!

there are some great posts in here if you read thru them you will find some great idea’s!!


No credit or bad credit? There’s a world of difference, both of which can be remedied fairly easily but none to quickly. But its best to start now.

Credit is based on your ability to repay debt in a timely manner and on a regular basis. In either case if you do not have any credit cards I suggest you start by getting one. Make a small purchase and then pay it off. Lather, rinse, repeat. Groceries, utilities, gas (oops, I did say small purchase didn’t I)

If you have bad credit then go online and get your three free credit reports. Now challenge anything negative on there for what ever reason you can think of. You will generally get get the results of the investigation in 30-40 days. Some things will be removed, some updated, some verified as accurate. When you get that report, challenge it again. Lather, rinse, repeat until clean.

You can dispute anything on your credit report as often as you like and its free. They have 30 days to verify it or it must be removed. Eventually it will be over looked and will be removed.

As to no money, If I know how to make that happen I probably wouldn’t know the answer to the previous question so well. 8)

get a credit partner for the loan and a money partner for the downpayment.
then just go out and find the deal. there’s your no credit no money


I apologize if this question has been addressed other places…
but, you say to just go out and find the deal…can someone tell me how/where to find the deals? and, how do i know it is a good deal…alot of equity? do i just call all the fsbo ads in the paper, and find out how motivated they are?

thanks in advance, for any feedback!