wantabe birddoger

I have no money,no job, and bad credit. What I do have is time presently in between jobs (construction,union pipefitter) I prefer to travel for work,so I have been in as many as 8 states a yr. I need to find out the best way to find investors. Is it through the local investors club in my area? I’m interested in foreclorsures.

Greetings BigD

To find investors, hunt for them where they hunt. Look in the local newspaper’s real estate section for “We Buy Houses” Ads. Call them.
Local real estate investment clubs? YUP great way to locate investors… make sure you find out who the players are in the club… no offense to anyone… but lots of folks go to every meeting at their local club and know all the buzzwords… but have never done a deal… so ask around.
As your driving your sure to see bandit signs… you know… the signs on telephone poles that say “We buy houses” or “Cash for your house” etc… jot down the numbers a call them.
It, like most of creative real estate investing is good ole common sense.

Good luck