Want to take dive into commercial or JV

My husband and I came to a conclusion that most of the highly wealthy people we know have some share of ownership in some high rise, commercial or apartment complex. We are ready to being learning about entering into a joint venture, or partnering. I have seen some nightmares in my own family involving a CPA, 2 family members and a RE Attny. Shockingly, after 1 great JV, the 2nd one stunk for all. I dont want to get involved w/ family. We basically want to invest 100-150k, into something with a good return. I am just at the beginning stages, know we have alot to do, research, join, talk about before even committing to the idea. But, nothing ventured, nothing gained. We own 2 homes, but they are and werent about the profits. But, they enable us to have access to a great amount of equity.

So, how can we start? I am guessing join some REI clubs for one? Next…???

Thanks for any direction or advice here. We know we cant just “jump” into something like this. We would need Risk assessment attnys, advisors, books, and lots more knowledge on the subject then we have presently- but we dont want to jump into anything alone, not where we live. Everything is too expensive here. We would need to team up w/ someone else who has more experience then us, we would be along to learn, and invest obviously.

Sooooo… help

So, how can we start? I am guessing join some REI clubs for one? Next....????

Read through the past postings.

Ask questions, like this one.

REI Clubs that invest in the same type of property.

Find a mentor.

ps- we are non-accredited investors… (sigh). So, do we have any options??