Want to start wholesaling... putting together a plan

I want to try my hand at wholesaling real estate. I want to prepare myself before actually going forward with it though. I’ve started to put together a mindmap laying out the components of the process. I thing I’ve got a good idea on most of it but some parts I have no idea on. Anyways, I’ve put together a mind map laying it out. Click the below link to check it out. Give me your suggestions. Thanks.http://www.4clicksgps.com/realestate/Wholesaling%20RE.html

I’d say the 2 biggest things to have in place ahead of time are your buyer’s list and a Title Company to do the closing with. Leave yourself an out in the contract if you can’t wholesale it.

Then just jump right in with both feet & do a deal.

thats kind of interesting layout, your missing a couple of great ways to find buyers but not bad

What ways am I missing? I’ll add those to the map. Also, if there’s anything else that I could add let me know.

If you do a search on Buyers you will find quite a few items