want to purchase commercial real estate in Canada

I have been trying to purchase commercial real estate in canada that will accyually cash flows, does anyone have anything for sale that hasn’t been touched by a realtor or know of a good website?

I know of a 40,000 sq. ft. commercial building in downtown Windsor, Ontario, for $3m with an 11.5% cap NNN with escalation clauses. But you’re gonna need 25% down. They’re not going to go for a VTB no money down deal. If you’re looking for higher cap projects in Windsor, I can find you some, but you’re going to have to bring money to the table. I’ve got a great project right now in downtown that can quadruple your equity if you get it rented and there’s anecdotal evidence from reputable comp appraisals to back it up. The building is vacant and has a potential $200K NNN for $369,000 if rented. Rented, it’s a $2m building. But, I want cash for it.

If you want no money down deals, you gonna have to try cold calling vendors on your own. You probably already know of iciworld and craigslist, which are mostly realtor listings anyway.

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I have the cash for down payments and the bank wanting to lend my email is gary.cote@hotmail.com. would like to see photos if you have trhem