Want to learn all aspects of a short sale

Hi, I like to know if there is any course or article or a book which can help me learn every step of a short sale.

There is this forum.

True…but something more detailed and organized as to all the steps that need be taken??? Or am I making it more difficult than it is?

Depends on what stage are you at…

Do you have a property for sale? Do you have an offer? If so…
Build a short sale package and submit it to the lien holders.

There are many pit falls to short sales, but you gotta get bloody.

I recommend Google Blog Search and using RSS feeds with Reader to keep up on short sales news and information. It’s the easiest way to bring content to you. Twitter is becoming quite a good resource as well. Plus of course forums such as REIClub are helpful.

Here is a an exceptional program which I am a member: www.shortsaleteaching.com. They have live coaching calls 6 days/week and an incredibly detailed short sale manual.