Want to get back in the game!

I got into REI in earnest 2 years ago after being laid off from an IT company. I read all the books, went to several seminars, even formed an LLC. I had a lot of cash from my severance and ended up using my own money…big mistake for a rookie in my opinion! Anyway, I still have 2 alligators that I need to do something with before I get back in, and I want to learn more about lease/option and owner financing. I have a grasp of the basics but need help with the details. 3 questions for you:

  1. Can you do an owner finance with an existing mortgage in place?
  2. Where can I go help with the above techniques?
  3. I’m looking for a mentor in Houston, and will split profits on deals I find, including my own. anyone interested?


PS. If you are wondering what I’ve been doing latey, I got my RE License a year ago and have been working with Keller Williams.

Yes you can owner finance with an existing mortgage in place. You can give them a deed and they will give you a note and deed of trust. Make sure that the documents spell out the fact that there is a mortgage already on the property. An attorney will be able to do this for you. I can help you with the papers too. Be glad to help too with the mentoring also

Good luck and thank you,
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