want to evict!!!!!

I want to evict but I cant because I just found out that the tenants have filed Bankruptcy. What can I do to get them out.
I also have evidence that they have tried several times to obtain private info but forging or saying they are my wife. I live in California.
Why can I do???

Pissed Off!!!

first off this is NOT a do it yourself situation. You need to hire a professional service to help you. It will cost about $400. There are eviction services who have lawyers working in the back room. They know how to handle every trick in the book.

second, bankruptcy does not stop eviction; it only delays it (maybe 30 days). you and or your representative (lawyer) will ask for a stay of relief from the BK judge.

Here’s a very useful link to some info…

Do not try to do this yourself. If you make one mistake, you can delay getting possesion or worse.

Lastly, you need to get emotional uninvolved. I know you are PO, but eviction is a long porcess and you need to become cold and impersonal about it.

Just did a lengthy one back this winter.

Mike in SoCal.

I think Mike is giving you sage advice, colech!