Want to Buy a Leasehold Property - Help!!

Hello everyone!

As you all know that whenever the lease get shorter the value of the property will drop and people are less likely to want to buy it. I am going to make a same deal on an apartment over leasehold property which is going to expire in 2029? Is it good for me? Any feedback or suggestion will highly appreciated!!


Your question would reveal from an outsider like me that you likely should not be involved in this deal…if you cannot complete your due diligence and calculate risk/reward for the time/effort/money/credit you plan to invest, it is likely you should not invest. Add to that, requesting advice from an audience that you do not know and who you have not given any other factors on this investment, you are rolling the dice and likely would lose.

As a constructive idea, if you wanted opinions on this thread, you might include all the factors of the deal so that someone can make an informed response.

Hope this helps.


Your points are good. I am aware of all my due diligence and risks. My nest question is, Can i ask landlord to extend the lease of land for next couples of year?


I agree with Rob,if you don’t get back the investment why bother in the first place