Want 2Market Friends Home

Hi All…My first post! A friend Told me I could Market his home here in Va…Thgt I’d advertise on craigslist and other sites if nothing but get the phone ringing w/potiential Buyers…He offferd a fee If I find a Buyer. He has a realtor but also can do fsbo but he doesn’t have time and ask me to help…My questions are first if I can advertise it funneling buyers to him even tho he has contract w/a realtor? not exclusive,of course…2nd is there a contract stating if I find a buyer I will get my finders fee? 3RD if you know of any other sites I could advertise his home w/o any cost to me? Thanks for any and all advise!!

I suggest reading his Realtor’s agreement regarding finder’s fees or finding buyers.

I would never market a home that a realtor has a listing agreement on thats not a REO. There agreements are not for the homeowner “EVER” the realtor can say you’re acting like a realtor and thats big problems. Prepaid Legal can’t help you here…Don’t :banghead against a wall.

Thanks for your advise!! Somethings not right so I’ll steer clear of that…Moving on to REO’s in the area.I’ll be sure to let you guys know how that goes for me.