Wanna Buy a Gun? TAKE A NUMBER!

I’ve been wanting to buy a larger caliber handgun to carry for quite a while. I currently carry a .32 caliber Baretta Tomcat which is a great gun, but I’ve always been concerned about the knock down ability of the gun. Yesterday, I had a chance to go gun shopping and let me tell you that A LOT of other people had the same idea.

I arrived at the gun shop in the middle of the afternoon on what was a work day for most people. I literally had to TAKE A NUMBER. About 20 minutes later, a salesman was finally available to help me with my purchase. I explained my criteria to the salesman: small; as lightweight as possible; .40 caliber (for knockdown power); and most importantly RELIABLE. After about 20 minutes of looking at the different choices, I decided on a Baretta 9000S, .40 caliber.

After my experience yesterday, I can tell you one thing for sure: President Obama has done more to promote gun sales than any other person on the face of the planet! If you want to buy a gun: TAKE A NUMBER - the gun business is BOOMING!


I’ve been trying to buy .22 shells for gopher hunting for several months. Whenever I am in Walmart, I stop and check to see if they have any in. Always the same story, if you aren’t there the day a shipment comes in, they are already gone.


Smith & Wesson stock is going crazy… Up form $1.85 in March to $7.23 today!!! (Nope didn’t buy any :banghead

My local gun store owner said he’s never seen anything like it in 35 years in the business.

The economy, the fear that more gun control laws are coming, plus the good old fashioned PACK MENTALITY that leads most people to follow the guy in front of them.

Aren’t huge numbers of those guns being driven across the unchecked border into Mexico to arm the drug cartels?

That’s a scary thought.


Mike, I’m sure B.O. appreciates your efforts to stimulating the economy.

I bought this “vodka special” a while back, heavily modified saiga 12.

Just trying to do my part for my savior, I’m sure he is pleased!



“Aren’t huge numbers of those guns being driven across the unchecked border into Mexico to arm the drug cartels?”

Actually, that was debunked… many article were written on it… Mexico gets guns from all over the place… CRIMINALS. drug lords, etc. will always find a source…

“That’s a scary thought.” - You are five times more likely to get killed by a car than a gun. What is indeed scary is that people don’t question what they are spoon-fed by the media and the government. People who don’t question what they are being told are the easiest to lead to their own demise…

Kinda’ like nationalhealthcare - people actually thought that Obama was going to provide “FREE” heatlhcare, with others paying all the cost. You’ll note that AFTER the election, they are now changing the rhetoric to “more affordable” healthcare…

If you think it through, how is it possible to add another layer of beaurocracy (i.e. - government) to heathcare WITHOUT adding more costs and corruption? The Medicaid system is overrun with it… The VA system the same (with a snapshot of how the government hospitals and care look like), people who arrive in an emergency room for care (because they CANNOT BY LAW be denied care), complain about having to wait 15-30 minutes… Imagine what it will be like to have to wait days, weeks, months for care…

But, don’t let the facts get in your way… continue to stick your head in the sand…

I think a big part of these sales increases are also due to a large spike in violent home invasions. Events like the one in my neck of the woods a little while back drive people in droves to the gun stores.

Read this, if this doesn’t drive you to a gun store I don’t know what will…especially if you have kids.


Crime always goes up when times get tuff. Its much easier to just steal someone else’s stuff than to go out and find work again.