WAMU loss mitigation

Been trying to reach WAMU regarding a REO of theirs that was listed on MLS and has expired.
I would like to pick it up wholesale without contacting previous listing agent
Have not been able to speak to a real person at WAMU, just their phone menus.
Any contact info would be appreciated.
Thanks Bob

if i’m not mistaken , you have to deal with the realtor. You can’t deal with the mortgage company directly for REO Property.

I am a realtor /investor, the listing realtor was non resposive while it was a active listing, since it expired I wanted to speak directly to WAMU to make an offer or possibly list and market it myself

They are the worst company I have ever tried to get a hold of. They are just so big it is not even funny.
I had to ask for a supervisor to get the loss mitigator to call me back.
Good Luck and hang in there.

Are you referring to Washington Mutual?

I have their number if you need it.