WAMU contact anyone?

I was supposed to close on a short sale today, and my title co needs one document from WAMU that my Gate Keeper is unable to provide. She wont give me the name of her manager, and she doesn’t have authorization to give me the document. Does anyone have a contact at WAMU, direct number, manager or not? I have got to get this doc to get this deal closed. Thanks.

First, no sorry, can’t help you there.

Second, what the heck document could they be requiring other than the payoff letter?

Well, there is a HELOC attached to house and even though the loss mit says they will not come after me for it when I buy house, my title co needs documentation stating this is the case. They need to release the lien. The loss mit that I have been working with says that they do not supply this type of documentation which is preposterous since no title co will close without clear title. I am assuming her manager will be able to help if I could just get him on the phone.