Waiving Escrow for Taxes and Insurance

Are there any other ways of having lenders waive escrow for taxes and hazard insurance other than having minimum of 80 LTV or some sort of long-term business relationship? Does it vary from lender-to-lender?

I was just curious from a cashflow standpoint, especially for an owner-occupied property.


Thanks for joining us. Depending on which programs your lender has access to, I’ve seen 90% with escrow waivers. My recollection is the waiver fee was $300 to $400.

I used to do that on many loans, but no longer do so. I got tired of keeping everything separate, floating the differences, etc. From a financial standpoint, it makes sense. From (my) practical standpoint, it no longer does.

I kind of figured it would depend upon lender and program. Thanks for the reply and sharing your experience.