Voicemail Scripts

I’ve set up an Toll-Free number for my advertising. I’ve been searching everywhere for sample recorded scripts to put on the system, but can’t find any.

Can anyone recomend anything? Links to sample scripts for motivated sellers?

When you see “24hr Rec. Msg”, what does it say?


It is up to you… I like short messages just to screen motivated from curious callers, others like to give detailed messages.

Call this number and listen to what they have: 678-405-SELL

richard roop’s site for sellers has an audio replay button for one of his


This might make a neat script…

[b]Do you NEED out of your property & mortgage NOW because you have run out of time or money?

If so, listen on…

I’ll sell your house in 14 days or I will buy it from you personally on the 15th…

That’s right, one way or another, your problems could be over in 15 days…I’ll either agree to sell your property or buy it in 15 days at a price that makes sense to the both of us.


Leave you name, number, address and a brief message as to why you are selling after the beep and I’ll get back to you shortly…[/b]

Ultimately, your script should be congruent with your lead generation device—The lead gen piece interrupts, engages and arouses action…your script should reinforce this message in a short and succinct manner (attention span is not infinite with the marketing medium + long messages cost $$$) before directing them to either leave a message, make further selections (if you want out of your mortgage, but want to stay in your house–press 1 if you want out of everything press 2), make an appointment for a personal consultation about the 15 day resolution solution or whatever the next step in the agreement/sales process might be.

Whatever you do, don’t pitch them on the call capture system (don’t try to close them)—it’s too early, it’s too impersonal, it’s not an effective conversion device…


Scott Miller