Voice mail scripts

Hello everyone,
I am new to REI. I have done a short sale last year and currently looking for more. I just got a toll free phone number. I can have the calls sent to my phone or to voice mail. I was wondering if anyone have a voice mail script that could be used when I have the nmber go directly to voice mail.

One “tricky” way to get a script is to call up another investors hotline and see what they have to say.

Go to hotscript website then you will get good scripts for free there.

Can you send me your concept to me? so that i will also use that one.

Your voice mail script when the phone number goes directly to voice mail should sound professional. Not “Hey you know what do!”

You can call mine at 480.444.2543 in hear the script I recorded. But I will write it out for you here, you could say:

"Thank you for calling the office of John E Law, you call and situation is very important to me. I’m currently assisting other families in need of honest answers.

To better serve you, I returns calls between 9-10 am, 1 and 2, then again between 4 and 5 pm. To avoid playing voicemail tag, please leave your email address as well.

Make it a great day and thanks for not keeping me a secret."

You don’t need a script. Tell them you’re on the other phone, their call is important to you, you will call them right back. Ask them to leave you a phone number.

Even if they don’t, you have them on your caller-id as missed call, call them back “hello, my name is Joe, I am with XYZ (company name). I just got a missed call and I am calling back to see if I can help”