Visit rental home in Texas

Hello everyone,
I live in California and have a single family home for rent in Texas. It has been renting for 6 months now and I want to visit the home to see in what condition it is in. I’ve never met the tenant and I think this would be a good time. While I’m there I would like to tour the house and check out the yard. So I have a few questions:

  1. How do I approach this. Give one day notice about visit?
  2. I’ll review my contract but is this legal to conduct a walk thru?

Any additional recommendations or things to look out for?

Thanks in advance.

Check your lease contract…I have provisions in mine to do “maintenance visits” with XX amount of notice…check the condition of the unit, check the filters, change the smoke detector batteries, etc.


…and, oh yeah, BTW - check about declaring the trip on your income taxes!


I’d give as much notice as possible to the tenant. The lease usually states 24 hours, but sometimes it’s nebulous and only says “reasonable notice”. Most would at least want a few days notice.

I’m very happy to hear that you’re checking on your property since many out-of-town investors do not. Your agent should be able to send pictures and a CMA every now and then to keep you in the loop.

The more notice you give, they may fix things, and maybe even have the carpet shampoo’d before you get there. :slight_smile: