Vision Investing Group

Hi There,
I need help with a decision…I have been talking with Vision Investing Group, they are offering me a mentoring program that sounds good on the surface, but costs $5000.00 on the low side up to $9000.00. They will be teaching me the short sale business and various warranties and guarantees are included.

Has anyone ever dealt with this company, if so was the process a good one? Was it worth the investment?

Thanks for your opinions.

That is terribly expensive. Can you learn some of what you need to know by reading books? Read through things on this forum and ask questions for free. That is a lot to invest just starting out. Just my opinion. :-\Graciez

Good advice, thank you!

There is another post on this forum below yours about SS books. Sounds like they are hard to come by. See what they had to say. Graciez