Virtual Wholesaling Question?


How does one get paid when doing out of state long distance wholesale deals?

It seems like the buyer would not want to send money (assignment or deposit) to someone they met via the internet, especially with all the news on TV about real estate scams on-line.

How would one cordinate a deal sending notarized docs such as option form, assignment form or option form to the buyer and get your money in return?

Is there a way without using an escrow company to do this?

Thanks All!



When buying or selling out of state a title, escrow or attorney closing is desired?

Or you can travel in person and sign doc’s together with a notory.


Contact a real estate professional in the area that can help you get the deal done (investor or realtor). - Fax them a document that will cover you, and protect you in this deal, also keeps them from stealing the deal from you. - Let them handle communicating with the buyer. - You find a closing agent and keep constant communication with them.

It is all about communication in these types of deals.