Virtual Short sale is anyone doing it?

Hi everyone,
I been doing SS for about 2 years, I am happy. Now I would like to take it next level. I hear alot about virtual ss is anyone doing it if so please send me a message i would lilke to talk to you.

And the winner is … the one who can define what you mean by “Virtual Short Sale”.

what about trying to search over the internet and see for virtual short sale. It is through the internet after all… :smile

a virtual short sale is the act of discounting properties for ones own purpose of making a profit without ever personally visiting the property or physically meeting with the homeowner while selling to a buyer that you never see through the power of the internet and your cell phone.

Oh – I don’t think of this as “virtual” but as remote. Virtual to me is something that only exists in your mind, as in virtual reality, or virtual office. I can see how someone would like to hang that handle on the concept, however.

I do short sales and work with folks in remote locations but have as yet not done any on properties I haven’t physically inspected. That’s phase II for me and I’m not quite there yet.

I am working, however, to build a RE team in Pittsburgh in the very near future. I need to get hooked up with some REIA folks there first. Pittsburgh seems to be an emerging market, though I need to gather some more demographics to support or refute that assumption.

Anyone real familiar with Pittsburgh?