Virtual round robin auctions - HELP!

Has anyone conducted an online virtual auction. The auction concept is a hit with our clients however our current format is horrible. Problem is the format is greatly confusing to bidders and not user friendly. The auction formatted sites that are out there charge a huge fee (1k or so) and it doesn’t work for short sales. Does anyone have any information on where to put on these virtual auctions?

Sometimes we conduct the auctions at the home but some need to be online. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

If you have a camcorder or a Digital Camera with a record option record it yourself. And put it on that will give you the HTML code to put it on your own site as well as advertise it on and provide the link to the recording. Anything to attract a crowd.

That’s a great idea. but the other problem would be - how does everyone bid? That’s the problem we’re having now - not marketing. I have 15 potential buyers for one property. :slight_smile:

if you have a website then you need an icon that does the online help is available and direct everyone to bid through the online operator or call you to place the bid.

Really you will need some type of chat room. Feel free to contact me.

Funny - because that is how I started the whole auction and out of 35 potential buyers - they are all confused. I’d glady direct you to the set up and you’d like to take a view. I don’t want to promote it on here so please message me if you’d like.

I definitely like the idea of automating the bidding online. It can very time consuming to call all the bidders in a telephone setting and unless you are a licensed auctioneer you really can’t call the bidding either.

correction here in north carolina, you can hold a bidding process if you are the principal in the transaction. You would have to handle everything though.

you would have to take bids and call everyone back.