virtual birddog blueprint

Does anyone know where I can find Andy Proper’s Virtual Birddog Blueprint course?

what are you trying to learn from it?

I am trying to build a network of birddogs and it appears to be a way to systemize the network. Do you know anything about the course?

first time hearing of it. the easiest way is to post a craigslist ad and hold some small seminars telling potential bird dogs what you want.

Good to meet you

So you want a blueprint to the most expensive form of real estate investing? Why

Happy house hunting


Well the premise is the birddog only gets paid when I get paid and in the process I leverage my most important asset, TIME. I have been in the business 10 years and in that time frame I have realized that there is only 24 hours in a day which in most days I don’t get everything done that needs to get done. I have learned how to leverage opm very well in 10 years, it is time I learn to leverage other peoples time. I don’t mind doing 4 wholesale deals a month that net me $16k ($1k per deal per birddog) a month instead of only having the time to do 2 that net me $5k a month.

How do I find end users for my Birddogging results.

I wonder if investors use birddogs as much as they say. Finding a great deal is the hardest part , I’m wondering if these birddogs have the knowledge , capability to find great deals why are they not doing these deals themselves and getting the much bigger profits?


I just got off my weekly conference call and that exact topic came up… I dont get it either…

Happy hunting


I believe starting out like myself locating propertys is a foot in the door when you don’t have that much knowledge or you haven’t reached that comfort level to put a deal together.

What I’m doing right now is talking to realtors and getting them on board to bring me their shortsales. My first realtor gave me 20, and the great thing is these home owners already have come to accept their situation. What I have found from most home owners in default 30,60,90 day lates are not ready to part with their home or are hoping for some form of modification or worse have paid someone already to work on a modification.

What I’m also working on is offering credit counseling for clients and relocating services because in the end its not just about getting that deal for me its also about helping someone in need.

I would put an ad in craigs list and offer it as a part time job.

p.s Michael Q I’ve emaied you a couple of times through your website and have never gotten a response. You may want to check on who’s checking your emails.

That would be me…