I’m new on this website, and I want to introduce myself. I am Dan, a small time REI here @ Virginia Beach, Va. This site has been the one I’m looking for all along. I have been investing in real estate for over 15 years; buy, hold, and sell. I predominantly purchased property @ the public auctions here @ in Virginia Beach. Thanks…

Howdy Dan:

You do not sound small time to me. At what kind of auctions do you buy property? That sounds exciting to be able to stand there and bid and be able to had tham a hand full of 100’s or a cashiers check. I have not done that yet. I have been to several foreclosure auctions and tax sales but have not put the money with the deal that way yet. Went to one several years back where Texas Commerce Bank was selling with financing of 90%. The prices got a bit high and some even sold above the MLS prices that they were asking. Hind site is 20/20 should have bought them all back then for the financing and long term hold. Glad you like the site. I did the same as you and found it and can not stop reading and responding and trying to help when I can. I too have made some good contacts and have learned a lot too. It is really a great site and I am glad to be a small part. I hope it grows into a large national deal like Tim has plans for I am sure.

Good luck and thank you,
Ted P. Stokely Jr