Virginia and Notice of Defaults


I am new to real estate investment and new to Virginia. I have been many times now to different county courthouses to look through land records to check out houses that have been placed in Legal Notices Trustees Sales. Although these houses have possibilities I was really hoping to find the houses before they hit the newspaper. After reading books now many authors seem to oversimplify the procedure of identifying preforeclosure properties. I have tried to find Notices of Default but it seems that these are not recorded in Virginia. Am I wrong about this observation? If I am can someone point me in the direction to acquire the NODs. The clerks at the courthouse atleast in the 2 counties I have been to have told me that they don’t have access to NODs.

Should I just focus my energy on marketing and trying to draw in preforeclosures through the different methods of marketing? Should I stick to the legal notices and fight with all the other investors out there for the attention of different owners? Any thoughts would be appreciative.

I have tried to find this information on my own for a month or so now and have been hesitant to post. I have tried searches on this very subject on the forum and haven’t found anything, certainly others have these questions or I am the most ignorant investor to date.

Have a great day and thanks for the read if you have gotten this far.


I think the entities that have the freshest information are the attorneys who have to file the paper work.

you are looking for something that does not exist.

check out this resource (not my website)