Vinyl Plank Flooring

We just installed some of that vinyl plank flooring. The stuff that is built in layers and has glue strips on the ends to stick it together.

It looks really good, and it would go in really fast and easy if you had a square room and not a lot of odd corners and shapes to fit around.

With a weird shaped floor, it was sure easier than trying to fit a piece of sheet vinyl.

It feels a lot tougher than sheet vinyl, and it is sure harder to cut (which is a good thing in a rental).

It’s waterproof, and it is a floating floor, so it just goes down on top of whatever is there.

The room had stick down tiles, so just pried up the damaged ones and replaced those with the cheapest stick downs available to level out the floor and then the strips went right over it.

Now the real test begins: how long can it resist tenant damage?

I bet you won’t have too many issues. One of my customers (non-real estate related) has this stuff throughout their office.

They said they like it, but what they bought was too glossy - and it scuffs way to easy. Hopefully you bought a non glossy version. A few planks have popped up here & there, but in general at ~$1.50 a square foot it’s more water resistant & easier to install. I think the brand they purchased had a 10 year warranty for residential applications though they had it in a low traffic commercial application.

I personally just finished deploying the fake wood vinyl tile squares (similar to parquet, but different and more modern looking) throughout a low income rental and I think it turned out AWESOME for this class of customer. Note: I wouldn’t put these VCT squares in a middle-income rental.