Viewing old topics on this board...

makes me realize how stupid alot of things iv’e said have been. :banghead .

Especially the REALLY old ones. Must be why they have a 18 year old limit on voting (not starting a political thread) :cool.

Good laughs to go back in time and read your own thoughts and see how wrong you are on some things.

We were all 18 once too, Hoosier. So we understand.

You’ve said some really smart things on this board too. That’s why you are a valued member and people respond to your posts.

It’s been interesting watching you become more thoughtful and analytical rather than just reactive in your replies. It’s good to have a young point-of-view here.

It’s the breadth of ages, locations, and experiences voiced that make this site so valuable.


There was a guy on here years ago that told me I had no idea what I was talking about when I warned investors to stay away from negative amortization ARMs. Bragged about having ALL of his properties on Neg Am loans and how much he was banking.

I wonder how many properties he has left?

Did he go by MtnWiz?

no. It was Jason something.