View from the Other Side

This is an article that from the website…it outlines “15 rights every renter should know”…obviously, every landlord should know these, too!



Here are the “15 Rights Every Landlord Should Know”:

  1. The landlord has the right ti receive the rent in full when due or evict the deadbeats
  2. If the rent is late, but not beyond the legal notice period, the landlord has the right to receive a significant late fee
  3. Once the tenant is late with the rent, the landlord has the right to refuse to accept rent and evict the deadbeats
  4. The landlord has the right to refuse partial rent
  5. The landlord has the right to question everything said by tenants and the responsiblilty to assume that all excuses are lies
  6. The landlord has the right to expect that the tenants will not sell, take, or be under the influence of crack while on the landlord’s premises
  7. The landlord has the right and responsibility to help the tenant seek other state sponsored accommodations if the tenant violates #6
    8 The landlord has the right to expect that the tenant will take care of the property
  8. The landlord has the right to get a security deposit from the tenant to offset the damage caused by the tenant
  9. The landlord has the right to expect that the tenant will NOT allow 10 of the tenant’s best crack buddy friends to move in
  10. The landlord has the right to tell every other local landlord about deadbeat tenants so that they can’t find housing
  11. The landlord has the right to take a vacation without being pestered by the tenants
  12. The landlord has the right to write a book about all the stupid things the tenants do
  13. The landlord has the right to discriminate against criminals, sex offenders, drug addicts, drunks, the lazy and those evicted in the past
  14. The landlord has the right to be in charge of his rental property!


LOL…good luck with that, Mike! How’s that working out so far?



Not good. I can’t seem to get the free legal aid lawyer to help me enforce the landlord rules. UUGH!


You shold become a “non-profit” or maybe call the ACLU…they seem to help anyone!



#6 is a good one… ;D

#14 is my favorite.

this has to be my all-time favoriate post! Mike, you should make some posters and sell them on eBay! ;D

Great reading!

Mike is right on with these rules . . . I know they’re meant partially in jest here but this is what we as landlords and property managers have to deal with.

Many of our clients come in with the same story . . . they can handle the vacancies, the maintenance, the bookkeeping but . . . they’re a pushover for the tenants. I would have to say that is the number one reason we have the clients we do. We don’t take any crap from the tenants and we collect what is owed to our owners.

I’ve had letters come in (with a check for payment in full of course on a move out bill) stating things like: ‘I don’t know how you sleep at night’ and ‘I hate people like you’. But you know what, I got them to pay what they owed . . . I don’t care what they think or feel. All I know is I’m doing a good job for my clients and earning my pay.

Rules to live and work by Mike!



   Mike-    "Hoo-rah!"


I really don’t understand a mindframe like that…they owe money right? What’s the problem? I don’t get pissed when I get a bill in the mail for something I owe, why do these people? They wonder why the landlord gets pissed when the rent isn’t there, I guess they figure he doesn’t have a family to feed and bills to pay.

Hi Rich,

You’re right. Also some tenants also think of their rented apartment in someone else’s property as an entitlement and they resent having to pay rent . . . like they still live at home with their parents.

I also have tenants who get angry and call wanting to know why I didn’t call to tell them their rent was late instead of posting a 3-Day on their door. They’re rarely late again though. Funny how that works. ;D

Have a good one!