Video Marketing

Hello Friends,

My friend told me that Video Marketing is one of the effective way to increase the traffic of the website. But I can’t come across any traffic, please share some quality sites for video promotion?

Hey Jennifer,

Video works great, particularly in conjunction with your website.
Recording some specific video’s that target your most important groups such as sellers leads, helping them to understand any of the processes & rules they are working with such as “Why its better to sell at %50 instead of having the bank take the house away” - “How to sell a house quickly” or whatever you feel will work for the type of people you are trying to connect with.
Then make sure the video’s have a clear call to action link to your website where you have an opt-in form aimed at that specific group.

So which is it? Is video marketing the best or is Information graphics or do you have any real clue? :anon

You posted this earlier:

It is also called information graphics..It is best and easy way to convey the message and information in the form of graphic visual representations..[b]It is best method to get traffic[/b] also...

I have heard the same thing that video marketing can be a great supplement to your pages. I am actually currently implementing video marketing in my email campaigns through a company called bomb bomb. I should be ready to roll it out in the next week or two but it seems to be pretty simple. I do know that google likes youtube videos on pages with supplementing the content on that page.

ofcourse, i agree with your friend’s advice, video marketing keep your brand popularity alive and can bring potential customers to your store.

Yes, you can increase traffic of your website with video marketing. There are many good website for promoting video like vimeo, dailymotion, myspace, tumblr etc.

First you need to research the keyword for your niche those are most searchable on youtube. Then you have to create great video with eye catching title. Youtube, viemo, metacafe is only way to generate traffic

Finding the right audience and with help with ads I think video marketing will turn out great with traffic. Facebook and Twitter are good sites to start of if you want to promote and gain more traffic.

Video marketing will help for every business to increase website traffic.The people who are not interested to read content they will prefer to watch videos for more clarification…

Its true.Video marketing makes it convenient for buyers