VETERAN who is new to investing need financing help

Hello everyone, I am 21 yrs old college student who just got out of the Army and IRAQ in FEB and I have been doing alot of research about REI and I cant believe everyone doesnt know about this. But anyway I am currently in Bloomington, IN a college town and i need help getting started i kinow i can get a VA backed loan but i dont know how. not to mention my credit is not to good and i have a 1000 dollar a moth income so i need to get started. but i dont want to screw up. I thought about being a birddog but i don’t know any local investors and or local buyers/sellers. Any and ALL help would be greatly appreciated.
Thx, Tom

Let me be the first (here anyway) to thank you for your service to our country! Welcome home.

My dad just retired after 24 years of service in the Air Force. Welcome to Civilian life :slight_smile:

Thx very much and congrats to you if im right about this one and you are a new father!

Right you are Ken :slight_smile: (You’ve seen MXC right?!)

My broker handles VA loans, but I personally don’t have much experience with those. I’m sure there are a few people here who do…


I chime in on the “thanx” for your service to our country (I’m a retired Army warrant)…I also work for the VA but not in the home loan area.

The VA will guarantee a loan for you but you MUST occupy the home, so it is not really a great vehicle for REI unless you find a multifamily that meets the requirements and you occupy one of the units.

The program allows you to get into a house with a small down payment. The drawback that I see here is the low income level.

Here is a link to the VA home program. I suggest you read all of the info available there.

Hope this helps!


thx everyone for your help~