Very strange situation HELP!

Hi, I did not have a good credit back when I bought my house, so I asked a relative if she could apply for the mortgage under her name. She did and it got approved. The mortgage is only under her name. This house would be her secondary house so the mortgage is a little higher than normal and also her credit wasn’t that good so the interest rate is variable. I am paying a lot of money for this house monthly and I don’t think it’s worth it. The only reason why I haven’t stopped paying is because the mortgage is not under my name. My relative’s husband makes a lot of money so supposedly their lawyers said the bank wouldn’t accept a foreclosure or short sale. I don;t think that’s true because he never signed anything nor did his credit ever got checked. It was all under her name. I can prove that I’ve been making the payments for this house ever since 2006 (that’s when we bought it), I can also prove that I was the one that paid the downpayment and all the closing fees… I would like to know my options … Also if there’s a way to get a loan modification under my name. Thanks for your help. :shocked

  1. No you cannot get a loan modification in your name. Your friend will have to do that.
  2. Only the person who signed the loan is required to sign the documents in the future.