(Very) short term lease

Tenants in one of my SFR’s gave me two-months notice (they are on month-to-month lease) they are moving out the end of Oct, so I started advertising the property on Craigslist. I got a couple of nibbles already. One, in particular, said they could move in right when my current tenants move out, except they only want to stay for two months. They say they are having their house built and it is expected to be completed the end of Dec (maybe early Jan). Does anyone have any pros/cons dealing with (very) short term leases like this? Should I be wary of such a deal? Thanks!

Only problem I see is that you’d have it vacant again in January and be forced to go through the application process all over again. I would definitely rather get someone that is planning to hang around longer myself.

The “Cons” normally outweigh the “Pros” in short-duration leases. More churn, more wear and tear, more advertising costs, more painting, more cleaning, more of a lot of things…vs. lower vacancy.


I would pass on it unless they’re willing to pay a very high rent. Or make them sign a 1 year or 6 month lease and say that if they find someone else acceptable to you, they’re off the hook otherwise they’re responsible for the rest of the term.

Thanks everyone. I also have someone who is semi-interested in buying the property. It’s an investor who said they could probably purchase it if I consider dropping the price, since neither of us would be using an agent, etc. They are still in the “gathering information” stage, since they are from out-of-state, but I thought maybe I could get this couple in (after they pass my screening first, of course) and it will give the investor more time. Also, Nov and Dec aren’t typically good months for renters or buyers is it (compared to Jan, anyway)?