very new

Does this really work as well as i have read it does i have construction knowledge(know where that is going) but from what i have read this is kinda lucrative my main problem is that old fear factor of getting started anyone ever have the same problem please help with suggestions please i really would like for this to work. happy holidays to all and thanks.

Welcome and Happy Holidays to you as well.

Your post is extremely vague…

Does this really work as well as i have read it does

What area of Real Estate are you inquiring about?

sorry didnt mean to leave that out i am interested in the wholesaling part of it

Your post has been moved to the Wholesaling Forum. You will get a better response in this Forum. as it discusses your area of interest . In the interim, you can use the “search” function under your screen name at the top of this page.

Step, be clear. There is plenty of information right here in REICLUB that can get you started with what you need to know. Just go to “Search”

The only thing I can say is just to do it. I am a new investor, I live in hawaii, I have found the or joined the rei club have not been to a meeting yet. The first one is on tuesday. I have been scouting homes, but have not yet approached one yet. Do I find buyers first or sellers or at the same time.? I would think a buyer, then a seller. Not sure… but good luck…


It does not cost you anything to get your buyers list built. Find out where these guys are buying at and do some bandit sign marketing in those :bobble areas to see if you can get some sellers to bite. If they bit, start your negotiations and build some repor.