Very New To All Of This

I am just starting out with this and have been reading alot of the discussions in this forum.
I would like to start out being a bird dog but have no idea where to start.
I dont want to use any of my own money right away.
Is there anyone here that can tell me where to start, maybe even some step by step guides.
I know that I need sellers and buyers, just dont know where to begin on all of this…
Guess I am a real NEWBIE… :banghead

I would suggest getting barry grimes real estate jobber course. It is only $99 and there is so much information to get you started bird dogging.

I always recommend options and lease options as the best way for most to get started.

I have bought barrys course and it is decent, but I have also picked up some less expensive stuff on ebay.

If I were to make a synopsis of real estate birddogging it would be.

  1. Find Buyers
  2. Find out what they want to buy
  3. Find the homes that they want to buy.
  4. Find your phone and call them about that home.
  5. Find yourself getting paid $500-$1000.00 per deal.

You might also want to try assigning contracts as a way to start.


Please do not advertise for commercial interests/gains in the Discussion Forums…