Very Motivated Seller ...Help!

The Seller is will to Finance, Lease Option…etc. What is the best way to market?

3 Br/2.5 Ba/ 2 Car
2530 Sp Feet
1.7 Acres

Gated Entrance



One way is to run an ad. “Luxury Home in Exlusive Community” “Three payments + Closing costs moves you in” “No Bank Qualifying”

Is there a back end profit? List in MLS with a discount broker.

Bandit signs? L/O auction ala Effros-sell your house in five days

Thank you very much.


Sounds good to me.

Do you want a quick turn at a discount or best price?

Sounds like Bud had a good idea, make sure you know what terms you want ie, int rate, or lease terms, with or without down payment, maybe you’d like to do a contract for deed option on the house, which is better than a lease purchase, depending on owner occupied or investor purchase.

Good Luck!

First of all where is it and how much of a discount are you getting on the property. How big is it, how much do they owe on the mortgage and why are they selling?