Very anxious

I have read many posts on this site and have posted some newbie questions. I am almost finished reading my first book on beginning real estate investing. I have did some scouting in my area and have found lots of potential rehab properties. I am so excited to get started, however I do have everything to learn. I would like to read about two or three more books before I do any deals. The more I read the more anxious I get. Is there a drink other than Hennessy that will calm me

Howdy Gltucker76:

I like a stout Guinness Beer. It is dark and I love the after taste. Most of my friends do not like the taste. I find it very good and relaxing. I sometimes have trouble sleeping because of planning real estate deals or wanting to read this web site. I limit myself to beer on the weekend and then ony two or three at the most. We all need to relax and get plenty of sleep and do not take investing too serious.

Happy Hollidays. I was going to take the day off and relax but here I am posting away.

I love a good Guinness or even a half and half but my favorite is Bourbon and water. With the Holidays here, yes it is time to take a break.

Happy Holidays all (to be politically correct)

John (LV)

There is one you may want to look into called “Black Bush.”

It’s the sherry-soaked casks that really make the almost-imperceptible difference.

(in his best Homer Simpson impression)
Mmmm…Black Bush.

I thank you all for your input. I will give Guinness one more try. I tried it when I was younger and thought it tasted like tobacco spit. I was soooooooooo thick. My favorite drink is Hennessy at room temperature chased with a ice cold Heineken. Happy New Years to you all and may 2005 be more prosperous to you than 2004.

once again great advice Ted Find a beer your friends don’t like then there is less sharing!