Versatile Video Marketing Tactics

A few tools have been as expansive and effective as video. When it comes to marketing online, video can be a great way to captivate people and can be extremely enticing, especially when done right.

One site that has revolutionized the internet is Youtube, and it definitely has brought sweeping changes in the way people perform online activities. Affiliate marketing and internet marketing in general has changed a lot due to Youtube as well.

Many affiliate marketers in recent years have used Youtube and have experienced astounded success. Unfortunately, marketers who haven’t taken advantage of the versatility and expansive nature of Youtube are those who may think making videos is a complex science. In fact, making videos is an easy process. In addition to the countless amounts of people and audience you can attract using video marketing it can also pave the way to massive fame and add lots of profit and leads.

Using creativity to integrate Youtube videos into other forms of communication can add extra value to your list and/or audience. Simple creative tactics can increase the effectiveness of using video.

1.) Adding a Twist-
On a newsletter it can be exciting for your audience and subscribers if you add a video and make something different from the usual articles you may have created. Thus, linking a newsletter to a “How to Video” could possibly lead to better clickthroughs.
2.) Video To Blog-
People who already like your blog will possibly tune in more since now video is an added value. This may also lead to existing clients, and casual visitors to spend more time on the blog by learning through the video. The conclusion to this technique is that the more people will spend on the blog the higher chance for converting them into customers.
3.) PPC Ads to Video-
Linking PPC ads to a Youtube video directly will be an extremely effective marketing strategy. The fact is that everyone likes free content that can help them learn something new or something exciting, or is just interesting and educative. So linking PPC ads to video marketing is great in sharing a product or service benefits.
4.) Video to Chat Rooms-
Linking videos to Chat Rooms, forums, or any online message boards can let visitors not only to read the message, but to also see and hear the message as well.

Ultimately, video marketing is effective because it captures multiple senses in people, and thus it creates an urge in them. When someone sees a live video they tend to trust it more since it creates an image in their mind, and since humans are visual and think in mostly pictures this is a great tactic. Video creates trust, and next time when people need information they will already trust you and will want to contact you directly. In addition, the power of Youtube can be the leverage needed in catapulting a marketing business into massive success by getting a product, business, or service out to hundreds of millions of people.

I couldn’t agree more!!! Thanks for sharing.

Just like with any marketing, video marketing is an art and science. If you are creating your own videos, you have to be both scientifically and artful creative to make a good message appear better. Its really just creativity. Think outside the box.

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I like to share some more tips

1.Submit to a Variety of Sites
YouTube is obvious and you should definitely post there, but don’t forget about all of the other sites. Websites like Vimeo, Meta Café, Break, and Daily Motion all offer slightly different variations of video sharing services. It’s possible that there might even be a video sharing site that is specific to your industry. Videos can also be added to your own website, but it’s important not to go overboard. Video can affect page load time so keep it to one or two important videos if you are going to use this strategy.

Upload the video to multiple sites and create different titles and descriptions for each making sure to get targeted keywords in there. It’s also a good idea to include a business phone number. That way, someone can easily contact you for more information. It also helps for local search purposes.

What good are your videos if people don’t know that they exist? It will take time for them to rank organically in the search engines, so why not do a promotional push to get people to see them now? This is especially important if the content is time sensitive. After submitting to multiple sites, promote the videos on your blog, on social media, and in newsletters.



Individuals who already like your site will possibly track in more since now film is an included value. This may also lead to present clients, and recreational readers to take more time on the site by discovering through the film. The bottom line to this strategy is that the more men and ladies invest on the site the higher opportunity for switching them in to clients.