Verify Funds?

I started to work with a few realtors to add a few extra sets of eyes for me when looking for possible deals. I have not commited myself to any of them (Sign a Contract) I’ve left it pretty simple, forward the ugly ones and if I want to make an offer I’ll go thru you so you can make a paycheck. I’m fine with this kind of set up. However today I was having one of them find out some info on a house comps, and stats and also to see if she could call the other agent and get a little insider info. I found out it’s bank owned, and that their is room to negotiate on price but they want a proof of funds letter. My question is since I usually wholesale, would it be unprofessional to ask one of my investors to give me such letter? Or should I just call any hard money lender and say I want to make a offer on a house and they want a proof of funds letter can you email a letter since I’ll be using your service from time to time? Please advise

The eisiest bet is to use the hard money lender letter, because from time to time the banks will try to call your lender to make sure that the info on the letter is correct.

Thanks Ericmedem,
That helps alot.

How do you get a proof of funds letter from a hard money lender? I want to assign my contracts. does this mean I have to use that hard money lender if I want to assign the contact. Can anyone tell me how to find someone to give me a proof of funds letter?