Vena Jones-Cox OR Steve Cook

Hello Everyone,

  This is a great site, I'm happy to be a member. I was wondering if anyone has any opinions on Steve or Vena's wholesaling courses? What are the Pros and Cons in their material? I noticed Vena's is 3X the cost of Steve's. I'm a firm believer you get what you pay for. Does that hold true in this case? Thanks.

I haven’t read any of Vena’s, I’m sure it’s very good. I do have Steve’s and I can tell you it is outstanding! He walks you through the process from how to find property, what to look for, how to find a buyer etc. Very detailed, and affordable. If you go to his website discussion board ( you will read some of his students post that did exactly what he said in his book and are very successful. It is definately not a “guru” course (although IMHO Steve is the man when it comes to wholesaling) just a great how to course from a guy that is very successful.

I have both courses and both of them are excellent. At the time I bought them they were priced within $100 of each other so I’m not sure what wholesaling course of Vena’s is 3x Steves price.

Either way your investment in either course for wholesaling won’t be regretted. Vena is out of Ohio and Steve is out of Maryland so depending on your location (midwest or east coast) some of their situations might apply better to your area than the other one would.

You can try eBay and see if either course is available for a price that fits your budget before paying the retail price from either ones website.

I am in the same boat, which course to buy. I just checked and Vena’s is $699! :o

I believe I saw Steve’s for $175.00 and Vena’s here at REICLUB.COM for $599.00, $699.00 on her site, $898.00 on Larry Goins w/ 3 months mentorship and bootlegged versions else where for less. Vena has some solid reviews. Thier both pro’s at Real estate. One thing I do know is-“Amutuers do things til they get it right. Pro’s do it til they never get it wrong.” I say this cause I believe it’s easier and cheaper to learn from a pro. Then it is to go out and spend time and $ on trail and error until you get it right. I guess I’m leaning towards Vena’s course.

No comment on Vena’s as I’ve never read it. I have Steve’s Wholesaling and Rehabbing courses (bought on a package deal), and thought they were good. Almost all the material you can get by reading posts and articles here and elsewhere - he just consolidates it into something manageable to read. Both his whjolesaling and rehabbing courses are the same, except for those chapters where they splinter into detailed niches. I thought the price wasn’t bad, tho, and would recommend it to anyone.

gccre-- is wholesaling your favorite form of real estate? Do you reside on the east coast or the mid west? Please tell me more about your experiences in wholesaling after you were done with these courses. For any one else reading this post. What do you think of Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich? ;D