vehicle magnetics


i’m getting ready to order some and was wondering what kind of results others had who were using them. Also, do they come off the vehicle at high speed?

I just got mine 2 weeks ago and have gotten 2 calls, neither of which amounted to a deal. But for only $70 per pair, i don’t see any reason to not get a pair and keep your name visible as much as possible. Mine have been ok at freeway speeds so far. Good luck.

thanks for the reply. i’m gonna go ahead and take the plunge.

i’ll post to the forum on how things go.

You could be different and stand out above the crowd and use a mobile led message board that has lots of cool bells and whistles and lets you change your message day to day or minute to minute as you please. You get them at and one is currently on sale for $199. I have one that I got free as my son designed their website. BTW, the unit goes in the back window of your vehicle.

Now THAT is a cool idea. Are you using the one you got free? If so, have you gotten any responses from it?

Big Cheese

I haven’t used it a lot yet but it does get the looks. I work at a hospital and I park at a busy intersection and put the back to the street and leave it going all day. I’ve had several inquiries resulting from the sign and lots of interest. No money deals yet but it will come. With each inquiry goes a business card and I try to get contact info. Plus my bsuiness card offers a $500 referal bonus which furthers heightens interst. As you aptly point out all marketing is a package and builds as all the pieces work together. Appreciate the info you have been giving.

Ive been using magnetics for a while and have found that they do not fall off.

However, when deciding to purchase I did read that if the corners weren’t rounded they would fall and they would fall at high speeds. I have not found that to happen yet. I still have corners and my signs are in the same spot.

I just take them off every once in a while to clean around the edges (dirt build up) thats all.

cool. thanks for all the replies. i think i’ll start with the magnetic, then after a deal comes thru i’ll step it up to the led. THAT is a really cool device.

I would note what Bettysue said about cleaning around it regularly…I would also make sure that it had a good coat of carwax on the car’s finish before putting the magnetic sign on…this should help with any rubbing issuses…


I’ve never tried this - what is the content of the ad you are using?

Any good recommendations on where to buy magnetic signs? I would like to be able to design my own instead of just being able to change the text. I need to get my logo on there and keep my marketing consistent.

Look in your local yellow pages. I found one in my area that helped design mine for $70 per pair. And I just liked being able to walk in a place and have it done locally…plus i was able to leave a pile of business cards on his counter. They also do other signs. I just think a local business is better, all things being equal.

Try they do wonderful work and prices are right in line (cheap for the quality)

I don’t recall if they have the magnetics on this site are not but anything you like in their business card section you can have as a background for your vehicle magnetic.

if you don’t see anything you like they will do custom for you or last time they sent us a sleu of designs that were not in their site for us to choose from.

They do full color pairs for about 100.00

Are you using a sign company or a printer?

You can ebay your purchase. I got two pairs from them and one pair from a local print company.

Generally, I have noticed that it is best to keep it simple about 3-4 lines of text.

I have one with more than 4 lines and it is difficult to read. I have also been on the look out for signs with background pictures and alot of writing. Who really is going to read all of that when you are traveling at a high rate of speed.

I found the fewer lines on the magnetic, the bigger the text. Works great.

I used a sign company.