Various ways to Sell a Shortsale?

What are the various ways to sell a Shortsale?

368,000 original loan…367,000 owed…monthly payments 2000…Say I negoitiate the bank down to 200,00 and they except, Must I cash the bank out in full via a cash or qualified buyer, or can I get a tenant buyer in the house for our agreed upon price, lets say its for 250,000; 15,000 down payment at 1400 a month…

Well you are negotiating with the bank to sell it’s mortgage ‘short’ of what is actually owned. It is not a modifaction to the original loan so someone , either you or the end buyer, need to come up with the full amount to purchase the property.
You can’t do an lease option on the property unless you get a new loan in you own name and purchase the property.

So you can not negotiate a shortsale through modification with the bank. You have to buy the property and then you can sell it. Thanks for providing such knowledge with facts and figures.

Thanks azinvestor and Nick Brian