Value in Interactive Media

Anyone using interactive media to pull in new customers or to keep old clients interested? Thought this was a pretty fun way to let the rolodex know you’re still rockin…

It’s meant to engage small businesses and help them attract new customers. It allows you to type or phone in your company info, and in minutes you have fun, branded content to share with anyone.

Is anyone else using interactive media to support business or reach new customers? What about other tactics? My realtor sends out AAA batteries every year reminding me that he’s alive and to change the smoke alarms, and I always get a kick out of it. I’d love to hear from you.

-Kate, Fanscape

Cute is risky. It is a taste thing and some may be turned off by it causing you business. It is less risky if you do it with existing customers you know, but watch out with new customers.

Besides, for the time it takes to run such cute gingle, could you accomplish more by having different content presented? I thought the gingle is cute, but would not convince me to do business with you.

I love what your agent is doing, I have heard of doing that to stay in touch with previous clients and I think it is an excellent idea. Sending out reminder of anniversary, thanks giving, xmas shopping reminder, birthdays and so also work. Checking with them after closing and a month later to see if they are happy and if there is anything else you can help with works as well.

Thanks for your input - I really appreciate it. It’s very interesting that you point out that the jingle may be better to use on existing customers, rather than using it to attract new ones. The creators meant for the jingle to be silly and fun. The “so bad it’s funny” tactic, and it’s great to get feedback on how differently people react.

I do have one clarification question for you. You said: “for the time it takes to run such cute gingle, could you accomplish more by having different content presented?”

What do you mean by this? The jingle itself is very easy to make and share - the goofy online service only takes a couple minutes.

Again, thanks for your input. The other suggestions you made about sending reminders for various occasions sound like great marketing tactics.

-Kate, Fanscape

I have checked the link. I agree with fadi. But saddest thing is that your page loads quite slow. :rolleyes

Thanks for the feedback everyone. Some of the bugs are still being worked out, and I appreciate everyone’s thoughts along the way.

-Kate, Fanscape

Wow you;re site is PR 5! Congrats! :slight_smile: