vacant property listed with Agent

Hi All:
I found a vacant property that is in pre-forclosure and has a RE Agent for sale sign in the window. would like to see if I can work out a short sale or option to buy depending on the #'s. Is it best to try and find the owner to see if the agent has exclusive listing or if the listing is going to expire soon or should I call the agent.

also, has anyone ever called (or see a legal problem calling) on neigbhors to locate owners of vacant properties.


yes on the nieghbors great way to find out maybe where the owner is if you can pull the lis pendons or the foreclosure notice it may have a new adr where the owner can be found…other wise the tax records my have a adr to reach owner if it was a rental…yes you want to see if the agents listing is almost up but if your going to try a short sale you will need to be able to prove to the bank it was listed and for what you can use this later